Smart Packaging

1-Cent Wireless Sensors embedded in Packaging enable Digital Twins for End-2-End Traceability

Global Packaging Market: $900 Billion Paper & Plastic


Four elements that drive today's packaging industry are an increasing e-commerce sector, customers seeking sustainable products (including the packaging), dynamic consumer habits and needs, and digitalization.
E-shopping has experienced a 35% year after year rise for what vendors require real-time updated smart inventories. Customers' sustainable responsibility has grown, while the industries still struggle to close the critical gaps in the value chain to increase the reprocessing of materials, for example, only 16% of plastic waste is recycled.
Since 2020, 40% of customers have switched the brands they buy. Due to deeper characteristics, more than just value and quality, but novelty, purpose, and the experience of buying those products.

Major challenges within:

  • Lack of friendly channels to interact with end-consumer and close the recycling chain
  • No digital turnkey platforms to connect with physical assets
  • No offer for cost-effective IoT sensors and a scalable cloud system to connect with

Smart Packaging a $40 Billion Opportunity


To stay relevant and maintain the leading position, many packaging companies are moving closer to the brand owner or end-user. Developing differentiated packages to meet their specific needs and support each brand value proposition. The conditions have never been greater, printed electronics make easier for packaging producers to take the digital wave.

At the same time, this industry has much more to gain from embracing digital manufacturing, according to McKinsey the Industry 4.0 technologies could reduce the total cost base of a producer by as much as 15%.

  • Stimulated e-commerce and the challenges of the online selling
  • More secure and easy ways of certifying freshness, quality, and avoiding counterfeiting
  • Direct communication with the end-consumer, reaching asset-level intelligence

Benefits with Asynos

Asynos Smart Packaging Platform enables clients to keep pace with the growing population (UN is forecasting 9.7 Billion by 2050), increasing demand for longer shelf life, sustainable packaging (CO2 emissions reduction), and changing customers' lifestyles. With Asynos holistic solution from production to the end-consumer.  With Asynos Taqhub clients and their partners shall save costs along the customer value chain and generate new revenue-streams through added-services through our platform:

  • Transparency of quality tests from manufacturer onwards through the entire value chain
  • Automated reordering, optimization of planned/ ordered amounts based on real usage
  • Fully compatible with existing QR code/ barcode systems
  • Easier and cheaper compliance for audits on single unit tracking
  • Easier and cheaper authenticity proof

Benefiting Users

Manufacturing & Packaging

Packaging Logistics


Distributor / Warehousing


Retail & End Consumer

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