The Asynos Fullstack ERP

System integration from hardware to software

Our E2E Solution

Asynos offers a fullstack, multi-enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from ultra-low cost, multimodal sensor tags connected wirelessly to a cloud-enabled data analytics and consumer engagement platform.


Smart Sensors

Our battery-free, unobtrusive, flexible/printed electronic tags, in conjunction with our software stack, create a digital twin of any physical product and packaging, making it traceable and smart. Enabled by wireless technology (NFC, RFID, and BLE), they function as “connectors” that connect the physical asset to the Asynos digital platform. Additionally, our integrated sensor technology can monitor quality parameters in real-time such as storage temperature, food freshness, humidity, concrete strength, load monitoring, corrosion/moisture control, depending on the application. Our quality sensor technology is proprietary and patented. These ultra-low-cost sensor tags are uniquely designed for high volume applications for trillions of objects in diverse verticals from Food & Beverage to Pharma, Construction, Automotive, Logistics, and more.

Communication Electronics

Our readout solution for enterprise/B2B customers are designed for demanding industrial applications and customizable, ranging from short-range handheld readers to long-range industrial automation including readout tunnels for conveyor belts and smart shelves for warehouses and retailers.

For consumer applications, NFC-enabled Smartphones with our App installed can be used.


Software Platform

Our software apps and web dashboard collect and process data in real-time ensuring that various stakeholders from manufacturers to retailers and consumers have the information they need, when and where they need it. Our platform has modules for:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation Optimization
  • Workforce Planning
  • Brand Management

Hyperscale Cloud

Our highly flexible and scalable cloud solution is designed to handle various tasks from small business use cases to managing entire warehouses, from tracking individual items to full inventory management. Our whole infrastructure is built and optimized for maximum performance and scalability, with the ability to store billions of items and to track them concurrently, in real time.

As an asset travels around the world, so does its digital twin. All assets are synchronized to all of our global locations, distributed over all major network locations in real-time, ensuring that every asset can be accessed quickly from wherever its needed. This also enables our multi-vendor strategy, where companies can plan and interact with their vendors and customers on a single platform.




Real-time Visibility

Get real-time intelligence on product, location, and quality, at the individual item level

Quality Sensing

Determine in-situ and in real-time product quality based on physical and electro-chemical sensors


Data Analytics

Gain actionable insights and preemptive analytics for data-driven decision making

Workflow Optimization

 Streamline workflow and processes across the entire value chain from materials to datapoints


Regulatory Compliance

Simplify stringent compliance obligations with automated reporting and documentation

Customer Engagement

Create an interactive experience for the consumer and enhance brand loyalty