Smart IoT-Sensors for Single-Unit Life-Cycle Management

Pharma Market & Trends in Numbers


The global pharma market amounts $1.265 Trillion (2020) and is expected to grow to $1.7 Trillion until 2025. The global COVID pandemic catalyzed massive changes and trends for the future production and supply-chains in the pharma world.  The industry receives massive importance in the fight against the virus. Still, the the industry has one of the longest and most regulated processes for the approval of a new products with strict guideliens by FDA and other authorities. Economists categorize pharma traditionally as a "high-fixed costs and low marginal cost industry" that are driving the pharma pricing structure often driven by monopoly-like structures.

  • Industry with high growth rates expected in the next 5 years with about 8%
  • The COVID pandemic did not only massively influenced the pharma industry in the short term & catalyzes further growth for the years
  • Transformations of supply-chains in Pharma will see more production facilities moving back in part to home countries and markets

High R&D Expenses & Quality Management Costs


R&D spendings are on the rise and make a sizable contribution in the total cost structure of the pharma world. The high R&D expenses have directly influence on global M&A activities in pharma when  research funnels are growing in cost and require very long-term oriented investments. Nowadays the  cost for new drug developments and therpeutics are in the Billions of Dollars. Specifically, the quality management and regulatory costs did not undergo have any digital innovation representing a several hundred billion dollar opportunity to help make drugs from manufacturing to distribution traceable for actionable decision and compliance.

  • The major pharma companies are spending typically 20-30% of their revenues on R&D (the trend is increasing)
  • About 25% of the entire pharma world are driven by regulatory cost & quality management cost
  • cGxP processes are very costly and lengthy relying still on very costly paper-driven processes that are not engaging with the physical digitalization of pharma processes and quality control

Benefits with Asynos


Holistic solution partner to manage "Internet-of-Things" for Pharma from control of growth biochemical parameters, smart packaging solution to full digital-twin assocations across the value chain

  • Digital traceability with optical & electrical, sensor-driven digital twins from production to use
  • Decrease costs of cGxP processes
  • Utilize sensor-driven supply-chain for data-creation to reduce R&D Cost
  • Cost-efficient sensor tracking across supply chains (e.g. cold-chain)
  • End-consumer traceability & engagement though NFC

Benefiting Users


Manufacturing & Packaging


Pharma Logistics


Distributor & Warehousing


Pharmacy & Patient

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