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Single-Unit Digitalization for Smart Packaging enabling end-2-end traceability (B2B2C)

A $1.5 Trillion Problem


The global food market amounts $9 Trillion market with very high loss rate of up 30-40%. These losses accumulate with 1.6 Billion-Ton or nearly 8% or 3.3 Billion-Ton of the equivalent CO2 emissions. Excessive waste occurs in all stages of the food value chain with a total loss rate of $2.66 per kg that are not sustainable for a growing world population. The business side (B2B) contributes with astonishing $2.66 per kg to that inefficiency - not just end consumers that forget food in their fridge and have difficulties in managing how fresh their products are.

Major inefficiencies are caused by:

  • Management of products on SKU-level only
  • No embedded sensors for real-time decisions
  • No digital twin and traceability across product-life
  • No real-time management of inventories and product quality
  • No holistic "IoT-Layer" to manage products

A $700 Billion Opportunity


Imagine a holistic platform solution for food products from production to consumption that enables value chain participants to save 20%-40% instantly. Better supply-chain technology is the single most important factor for cutting food waste according to the United Nations. Trilions of food packages could be managed in real-time with sensor-driven decisions at extreme cost-effieciency to reduce loss, friction and enable a completely different way of supply chain management.

  • Unique IDs on each products: optically and electrically via NFC/RFID
  • Food-package embedded sensors enabling real-time decision making establishing a "fresh-chain"
  • Enterprise-grade readout solution scanning products from 100 units/h with a smartphone to  fully automized 180,000 units / h with readout tunnel solutions
  • Ultra-scalable cloud platform and API to manage products at scale

Benefits with Asynos


Holistic solution partner to manage "Internet-of-Things" at scale at unprecedented cost efficiency in hardware and software with a turnkey solution. Our B2B(2C)-service focuses on cost savings along the customer value chain and additional revenue-streams through added-services through our platform:

  • Decrease losses in perishables by  double-digit percent with Asynos' sensor-driven approach
  • Decrease losses of non-perishable with several percent improvement in expiration-date management
  • Continuous freshness monitoring all along the supply chain that can prevent up to 50% of consumer food waste.
  • Dynamic pricing, management of re-stocking
  • Real-time inventory for B2B and end consumer
  • Customer enagegement for brands and re-sellers of our services

Benefiting Users


Food Manufacturing & Packaging


Food Logistics


Distributor / Warehousing


Retail & End Consumer

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