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Digitalization of Greystage with Sensor Technology, Material flow and Workforce Optimization

A $12 Trillion underperforming value chain


The construction industry is the largest consumer of raw materials, creating over $12 trillion dollars of value a year. And yet one of the oldest verticals known to mankind is fraught with challenges and has underperformed historically. Innovation and digitalization are not widely adopted in jobsites. The construction sector accounted for a staggering 39% of global CO2 emissions in 2018 and 30,000 casualities are caused each year by collapsing buildings because of structural issues that are often triggered by earthquakes.

Inefficiencies in the construction ecosystem are caused by:

  • Non-digital processes driven by the experience of architects, engineers, and builders that rely heavily on pen and paper processes.
  • Supply chain disruptions that led to the cost of construction materials to hit all-time high levels in 2022.
  • Safety and sustainability regulations and stricter building codes.

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A $1.6 Trillion value creation opportunity


Builders rely on getting materials just in time - not early, not late - and yet 63% of labor time is wasted waiting for materials and equipment. A McKinsey report (2020) estimated that if the productivity gap is closed by 40-50% a year with new techologies, it could potentially generate $1.6 Trillion a year. Not to mention that the technology-savvy customers now expect lower TCO, digitally-enabled smart buildings and emphasize sustainability.

Digital technologies, particularly Internet of Things (IoT), can enable better control of the supply chain, collaboration between the various stakeholders, and data-driven decision making for safer, sustainable, and cost-efficient construction.


Benefits with Asynos


Holistic solution to digitize the grey-stage from the early planning till the last pouring. Fully automized execution in offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) as BIM-in-Web for management and control in the office and on the job-site during execution. Our cloud-driven platform enables a digital of the construction and the procurement and buildings process steps driven by sensor inputs to maximize efficiency and a collaborative Open-API and IFC-compatible approach. 

  • Structural load monitoring and real-time quality measurements at grey-stage
  • Procurement of materials and processing driven by smart sensor cloud 
  • Data-driven traceability and progress management with BIM-in-Web not requiring expensive licenses
  • Workforce management for efficient resource planning (assets and materials) 
  • Mobile Apps on rugged jobsite devices and Web-Dashboards for back-office that are connected to our dataplatform 

Solution Modules


Smart Greystage Sensors


Material Flow Management


Workforce Optimization

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