Construction & Smart City Application

Digitalization of Greystage with Sensor Technology, Material flow and Workforce Optimization


Industry Challenges

The construction industry is one of the oldest of verticals of mankind, with over $12 trillion dollars market size and currently undergoing a heavy transition into a sustainable future.

Non-digital processes: For hundreds of years the core processes of construction have been driven by the experience of design architects, engineers and builders that rely heavily on pen and paper processes. 

Emissions: Construction sector accounts for 39% of CO2 emissions in 2018. Between 2010 and 2020 the flooring area increased by 25% in size with an approximate population increase of around 10% in the same period.

Soaring Prices: Cost for construction materials hit all-time highs level (notably concrete, brick, rebar and timber) and are not expected to slow cost increases before late 2022. Contractors' margins are diminishing.

Earth quakes and collapsing structures: 750,000 deaths by earthquakes globally between 1998-2017 with 125 million people being injured, made homeless etc. ~30,000 deaths each year are caused by collapsing buildings (in average).




Asynos Solution


Smart Greystage Sensors

Concrete strength monitoring and quality measurements of materials in real-time


Building Information Modelling

For management and control in the office and on the job-site during execution


Connected Assets & Processes

Data-driven Traceability and Inventory management of construction materials 


Workforce Management

For efficient resource planning (assets and materials)

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